The constant search for new trends linked to the HORECA sector has brought Hospitality closer to the exciting world of craft beers, here witnessed by Solobirra: an event which has been designed to enhance the role of brewers by promoting the dissemination of a truecraft beer culture.

Other than the display of Italian and international craft beers, thanks to the Solobirra thematic area visitors gain the opportunity to approach and explore the newest themes in this sector by participating in tastings, training sessions and technical competitions.

A four-days event dedicated to craftsmanship, innovation, business and conviviality within an initiative that interprets and responds to the needs and tastes of new customers.



stand of about 12 square meters:

  • walls
  • carpet, yellow color
  • graphic panel with company name (stand text font)
  • electrical socket with 3 Kw monophase

Are you interested in becoming an exhibitor at Solobirra?

The event saw the organization of two technical competitions: Solobirra, which awards the best craft beer and Best Label, presenting a prize for the best label.

The Solobirra contests indentify excellence and are an important opportunity to share ideas and expertise for all operators in the sector, as shown by the figures of the 2019 edition

  •  253 le craft beers competing for the Solobirra award
  • 166 labels submitted for the Best Label award